Thursday, December 4, 2014

Connie Young 2014-07-04 - Patriotic participation

 Patriotic participation

This year, I celebrated the Fourth of July early, and in a way I've never done before. There were no fireworks, patriotic songs or apple pies. With the exception of a few people I knew, I was with 600 total strangers, some 2,800 miles from my home. Yet, I have never felt as patriotic as I did on June 24.

I was participating in a Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL) conference, in Washington, D.C. We descended on Capitol Hill to talk with our senators, members of Congress and their staffs about the possibility of slowing global warming by putting a price on carbon pollution.

Most of us were volunteers who, like myself, had never lobbied before. Yet, with careful coaching by CCL staff and experienced members, we familiarized ourselves with our elected officials and their districts' issues, planned and conducted our meetings, took notes and debriefed after each session.

I felt proud of our system of government and very pleased to participate in the democratic process. I'll still be able to enjoy fireworks and patriotic music today. But if I had to choose between those expressions of patriotism or lobbying in Washington, I'd go back in a heartbeat.  

Connie Young Fresno

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