Thursday, December 4, 2014

Connie Young 8-12-2014 - Pay now or pay more later

Pay now or pay more later

The campaign against the "hidden gas tax" is penny wise and pound foolish. While there's reason for concern about oil companies increasing the price of gas, let's consider the hidden costs of the problems made worse by climate change, including wildfires, drought, floods, heat waves and severe storms. Californians will be picking up the tab for these disasters in the form of increased taxes, food prices, insurance rates and health-care costs. By comparison, the projected increase in the price of gas will look like a bargain.

Instead of fighting the gas tax, I'd suggest supporting a reasonable alternative. Citizens' Climate Lobby proposes national legislation that would place a fee on fossil fuels where they're produced. Carbon-use fees would also be added to imports from countries with no carbon fees. The revenue would be paid as dividends to households to protect them from rising gas and other prices. A recent study by Regional Economic Modeling, Inc. shows that such a plan would create jobs, increase the gross domestic product, save lives and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Now that's a plan that makes cents to me!  

Connie Young Fresno

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