Friday, December 5, 2014

Pete Moe 6-18-2014 - California shines in clean energy

California shines in clean energy

The Bee's editorial on June 5, "California leads way in efforts to cut reliance on fossil fuels," was well written. It recognizes that California leads the country toward a cleaner, healthier future. Seth Tilley's letter June 11 entitled "It's smart business" is also dead on. I sense a seismic shift of attitudes in the Fresno area.

The San Joaquin Valley produces the most solar power per capita in the entire country. The benefits of this are incredible: reductions in climate-changing CO2, cleaner air, cleaner water, an overall healthier environment and hugely increased energy security. Not to mention high-paying jobs.

The exciting thing is we are in the infancy of this revolution in renewable energy here in Fresno and in the United States. The economic benefits are staggering. I'm less a fan of cap-and-trade markets, and a big fan of the much simpler, business friendly revenue-neutral carbon tax. I invite readers of The Bee to get excited about this and join other voices, such as the folks at the Fresno Citizens' Climate Lobby, to push harder toward a clean, healthy and prosperous future.  

Pete Moe

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