Friday, December 5, 2014

Ray West 10-31-2014 - Bigger threat than graffiti

Bigger threat than graffiti

On reading The Bee's editorial, "Throw the book at Yosemite's Mist Trail tagger," (Oct. 28) the truth of one sentence leaped out at me: "To experience beauty is to yearn to possess it." Part of the outrage is that the vandal valued her own whim over a symbol of the bounty of the earth and debased it with a kind of greed.

Yet every one of us, every day, does more harm to the planet than a platoon of "CreepyTings" vandals. The industrial processes that fuel our material wealth are degrading the earth. Whatever the motivation was for this wilderness graffiti, I take it as a prophecy, a reminder that all is not well with our world.  

Ray West

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