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Richard Meland - 3/7/2015 - Agree on Climate Change

Agree on climate change

March 7, 2015 

      Less than five years ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that “climate change is no less menacing than the security threats we face,” calling it an “existential struggle.”
Last month, some expressed outrage after hearing President Obama’s response to this question: “Do you think the media sometimes overstates the level of alarm people should have about terrorism and this kind of chaos, as opposed to a longer-term problem of climate change and epidemic disease?” The president’s reply? “Absolutely.”
     When asked to confirm that Obama believes “the treat of climate change is greater than the threat of terrorism,” the White House press secretary responded, “The point the president is making is that there are many more people on an annual basis who have to confront the impact, the direct impact on their lives, of climate change, or on the spread of a disease, than on terrorism.”
     As a matter of interest, just last week Gov. Jerry Brown and Netanyahu signed a deal to help each other confront challenges faced by both countries, including water scarcity and the impacts of climate change. It seems that Netanyahu and Obama are on the same page when it comes to climate change.

Richard Meland

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