Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Twyla Smith - 8-31-2015 -

As more and more reports come in verifying the warnings of scientists about climate change (drought, wildfire, species extinction etc.) and the negative impacts on our environment and most especially on our economy, it becomes clear that our government will adopt ever-stricter global warming regulations.

The form will most likely be in some sort of tax on carbon energy sources (gas, coal etc.)

There are several problems with this scenario—most obviously the resultant drag on our economy, and the unfair impact on the poor.

But the big question is what will our government do with this revenue?

Recall the extensive list of taxpayer subsidized green energy disasters——SoIyndra, Fisker Automotive, Beacon Power, A123 Systems Inc. to name a few. Just think ofthe money wasted in the maze of bureaucracy, with little or no effect on the problem.

How about if that money, the extra money we will be forced to pay each time we fill up with gas or use electricity, came right back where it belongs—to us? That is the Fee and Dividend plan suggested by Citizens' Climate Lobby in a nutshell. instead of a drag on the economy, we believe it would stimulate it.

Instead of the government choosing winners and losers, the free market makes those determinations.
instead of a bevy of complex and confusing regulations, a simple, easy to understand and hard to cheat on alternative—Fee and Dividend, with all the monies returned to the American public.

It is time for We, The People to take charge of this problem with a solution that works for us—not the

Twyla Smith

(We could not find this letter online on the Bee website)

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