Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ruth Afifi - November 2, 2016 - Louie J. Campos will address climate change

Louie J. Campos will address climate change

In “A crystal clear choice on climate change” (Oct. 13), a Bee editorial says Hillary Clinton is the obvious choice for anyone who cares about climate change. The editorial points out that the issue has been ignored “by far too many Republicans in Congress, and now by their nominee for president.” 
Yet, The Bee has endorsed Devin Nunes to represent the 22nd Congressional District. Unlike eight of his Republican colleagues, who have joined the House Climate Solutions Caucus, Nunes is unlikely to support policies to fight climate change.
For example, he has voted to prevent the military from preparing for climate change. Also, he has written that a carbon tax or carbon fee-and-dividend (proposed by what he calls environmental extremists) will damage the economy.
Instead, Nunes advocates “massive investment” in the development of all energy sources, “including oil, gas, coal and nuclear power plants.” With its emphasis on fossil fuels, this sounds just like the America First Energy Plan promoted by Donald Trump a few months ago. 
A climate voter in the 22nd district will find a better candidate in Louie J. Campos,Democrat who is committed to addressing climate change.

Ruth Afifi

Twyla Smith - November 1, 2016 - Debates ignored world’s biggest crisis

Debates ignored world’s biggest crisis

We’re facing the world’s biggest crisis, and it wasn’t even brought up during the presidential debates. It’s just unreal that not one moderator decided to ask why it is that 2014 was history’s hottest year ever recorded, until it was broken by 2015, of course. Any bets on how long that record will stand?
Talk about same old, same old! Let’s just continue doing nothing and see how many more heat records we can break, how many hurricanes, droughts and forest fires we can bring on, how many species we can wipe out, glaciers we can melt, how many island nations and coastlines have to drown before we realize we are in serious trouble here?

In fact, one of our presidential candidates actually refuses to accept what global scientists, our own defense department and even the major oil companies are all saying about climate change.
Get real, folks. You can start by tuning in to National Geographic Channel’s new documentary series, “Years of Living Dangerously,” which airs Wednesday at 10 p.m.

Twyla Smith, Madera
  November 1, 2016

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Bruce Ratcliffe - October 22, 2016 - Trump’s faulty climate ideas

Trump’s faulty climate ideas

Whenever I hear a a statement of “fact” from Donald Trump, I scratch my head and wonder how he thinks he can get away with saying such a thing. But there’s always the benefit of doubt. Maybe there is a grain of truth in his pronouncement.

Kudos to Bee editors Bill McEwen and Gail Marshall for serving up such a huge platter of climate-denying nonsense The Donald has delivered as to remove all doubt.

Bruce Ratcliffe, Fresno
October 22, 2016


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