Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Michelle Selmon 2/23/2014 - FOX News inspires disgust

FOX News inspires disgust
A friend showed me a clip of FOX News coverage of President Obama's mention of climate change during his visit to Fresno. I was disgusted by the misinformation that was conveyed by the commentators.

They claimed that science doesn't support anthropogenic (human-caused) climate change, when the opposite is true! Anyone with the ability to read the websites or publications of NASA or our National Academy of Sciences can see that for themselves.

The notion that climate change is a hoax being carried out by a small group of greedy scientists is as false as the idea that global warming was reframed as climate change by scientists or liberals for self-serving reasons. In reality, a Republican strategist promoted the change over a decade ago since he felt it was "less frightening" and would be more readily dismissed by the public.

Michelle Selmon

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