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Steve Smith - 2-19-2015 - Imagine if there were no scientists

Imagine if there were no scientists

February 19, 2015 

No doubt climate change deniers are upset about NASA’s scientific predictions that climate change will cause mega-droughts (The Bee, Feb. 13). So here’s a way to calm them and save money. Let’s stop teaching science in our schools!

After all, why prepare our children to be scientists if we’re going to ignore them when they grow up and warn us about scary things? Why encourage them to get advanced degrees in difficult subjects if we’re not going to take their advice?

We can avoid the whole problem by not teaching science in the first place. Think of the billions of dollars we could save by not paying for specially equipped classrooms, teacher salaries and science texts.

Of course we’ll need some scientists for medicine, agriculture and many other industries, but other countries could provide them. If they start warning us about things we don’t “believe in” we’ll simply replace them with others who are afraid to speak up. It works in countries with repressive governments, so it could work here.

Imagine! No scientists, no climate change, no problem!

Steve Smith


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