Saturday, July 25, 2015

Don Gaede 5/9/2015 What Hanson Left Out

What Hanson Left Out
May 9, 2015
I am quite pleased that Victor Davis Hanson trusts the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) when writing about the California drought (May 3). He is absolutely correct, NOAA does not feel that this severe drought is due to man-made climate change.
But he failed to mention something else in NOAA’s report: “There has been no long-term trend in California precipitation; however, California temperatures have been rising, and record high temperatures during the drought were likely made more extreme due to human-induced climate change.”

NOAA goes on: “The effect of a warmer climate on surface moisture implies droughts that occur will be initiated sooner and ended later than if human-induced climate change were not occurring.”
Closing our minds to evidence that we don’t like will not help us Californians deal with this serious drought. We humans do have a role in causing climate change, and the sooner we acknowledge that, the sooner we can start repairing the damage. 
A combined approach of increasing water storage (as Hansen recommends) while also addressing the causes and effects of climate change seems like the smartest policy to me.

Don Gaede

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