Wednesday, December 9, 2015

David Boos - 11/16/2015 - Watch Dangerously With Your Kids

Watch "Dangerously" With Your Kids
November 16, 2015

   I recently watched the nine-episode television documentary, “Years of Living Dangerously.”
It tells the story of climate change beginning with the first three episodes in the U.S. and the remaining six filmed in other parts of the world.
   Aerial views of Dhaka, Bangladesh underwater, the migration of tens of thousands of people due to flooding and loss of their homes and livelihood, the collection of ice-core samples by scientists in the Chilean Andes provide data supporting what has been occurring with climate in the past 30 years is very real.
    Regardless of one’s views, conservative or progressive, none of us will be exempted from these changes unless we begin now to change the way we live.
Netflix has this series in its streaming inventory, and I encourage you to view it. Include in your audience young people, and watch their reaction as well as the film.

David Boos

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