Saturday, January 9, 2016

Matt Armstrong -1-8-2016 - House climate deniers sabotage Paris talks

House climate deniers sabotage Paris talks
January 8, 2016

As much of the United States, in fact much of the world, is engulfed in bizarre weather and we have just experienced the hottest year on record (bringing us worse drought and horrible forest fires) we have an opportunity to reflect on what our elected officials are doing.

Given the opportunity to become leaders at the Paris Climate Talks in December, many senators and members of the House of Representatives chose instead to try to sabotage the talks and to deny reality. On those rare occasions that a reason for such behavior is given, it is said that the regulations and “big government” necessary to tackle the problem are undesirable.

Personally, I find perpetual drought, massive crop failure and sharp increases in heat-stroke deaths even less desirable than regulations, but that’s just me and my wacky priorities. Luckily, there is another route – putting a price on carbon pollution would reduce greenhouse gas emissions without adding to regulatory red tape, and would spur innovation in energy.

Making such a fee revenue neutral may even benefit our economy. Climate reality is hitting us now. Denial is increasingly irresponsible and foolish. We can act for a better future.

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