Friday, January 22, 2016

Pete Moe - 1/22/2016 - Address Climate and Water Issues

Address climate and water issues
January 22, 2016
What a relief it is to see and feel rain falling again! To see our dry, damaged hills and valley finally start to heal, sprout green and reveal the verdant natural landscapes of our home is truly a blessing! Although drought is a natural fact of the west, this drought that we still endure is the worst that California has seen in the last 500 to 1200 years. 

I agree with the Bee and most valley residents that we need more water storage capacity. But to focus on the symptom alone is akin to treating a smoker who develops lung cancer with chemo therapy, and all the while the cancer victim continues to smoke.  

The same can be said of increased water storage. We simultaneously need to treat the symptom (lack of water), but also address a key cause, man-made climate change. The answers are contentious and political in nature, but to deny the problem and fail to address it is as pitiful as our lung cancer victim who won't stop smoking. 

Pete Moe

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