Sunday, September 11, 2016

Pete Moe - May 2016 unpublished - Great Barrier Reef

The front page of the Fresno Bee this Memorial Day stated, " Great Barrier Reef hit by coral death". A shocking 35% of the corals have died. The Bee also reported that here in California, tree mortality due to bark beetle infestation is now estimated at 60 million trees. The extinction of vast swaths of species in the sea and on the land is truly frightening. What is a root cause of all these apocalyptic symptoms? Man-made climate change. 

So as the foundations of our earth's health rapidly decay, why are my Republican leaders still pretending we don't have this problem? My main tool for action is my vote. I'm looking for conservative candidates at all levels who still believe in science. I'm looking for conservative candidates who are willing to protect me, my family and community from the threat of climate change. 

In Congress there is a minority group of Republicans who want to deal with climate change. They embrace conservative, market-based answers, such as those proposed by Citizens' Climate Lobby. If local Republicans can't field such candidates, my vote will go to candidates from other parties who have the backbone to face the facts.

Pete Moe
May 2016 - unpublished

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