Sunday, September 11, 2016

Twyla Smith - March 2016 unpublished - Climate Solutions Caucus

"Don’t care about climate change?  You soon will, because like it or not, it must be dealt with.  And if we don’t start caring, the EPA and other agencies will continue to put regulations in place, effectively deciding winners and losers.
But there’s good news--two south Florida congressmen, Carlos Curbelo-R and Ted Deutch-D recently created the Climate Solutions Caucus to propose clean energy legislation.  They want to keep it bipartisan, with an even number of Rs and Ds.  You see, they’ve found something in common—they both represent people witnessing climate change in its starkest terms: Their communities are slipping into the sea at a disturbing rate.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby proposes an additional fee be placed on carbon at its source, with all collected monies returned to the American people.  This would result in the free market achieving reductions in emissions while also stimulating the economy.  Canada has just announced its resolve to find a national climate solution—with carbon fee and dividend at the forefront of their thinking.

As Republican Curbelo says, “ignoring climate change is as irresponsible as ignoring our national debt—and the longer we delay acting the more painful the solution will be.”

Twyla Smith
Submitted March, 2016

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