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Radley Reep - September 30, 2016 - Students: To stop global warming, think local

Students: To stop global warming, think local

My thanks to Rachel Mrkaich, a high school student in Clovis, for her thoughtful letter of Sept. 23 imploring politicians and businesses to act quickly to curb global warming.

I’d like to offer the perspective of a long-time teacher and activist. Business is “private” enterprise. Go public. Focus on government, on local government primarily, where anyone of any age has the right and the opportunity to participate.

High school students are well versed in U.S. government; unfortunately, they’re much less familiar with local government, which is where the bulk of the decisions are made. They’re able to describe in detail the U.S. Constitution but can say little about their local “constitutions,” the city, county and regional plans that affect every aspect of their lives, everything from employment opportunities to livable communities to environmental protection and, yes, even global warming.

Were high school students to routinely converse with Valley residents knowledgeable in the form and practice of local government, our San Joaquin Valley would change dramatically for the better.

I’ve had the pleasure to teach high school students. They’re inquisitive, inventive and tenacious when it comes to problem solving.

Stop global warming? Maybe not. Fix the problem at home? Why not!

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Radley Reep, Clovis
September 30, 2016

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