Friday, December 5, 2014

Chris Breedlove 9-2-2014 - It's a brave new -- dry -- world

It's a brave new -- dry -- world
The drought has surpassed alarming levels and is becoming eerily reminiscent of desolate scenes from the 1979 dystopian movie, "Mad Max."What happens if exceptional droughts are the new norm for California? Why aren't Fresno meteorologists talking about the drought's correlation to climate change? Why aren't local elected leaders moving toward meaningful mitigation and adaptation?

The correlation of a warming Earth and extreme weather events deserves earnest attention. It's probable that climate change causes an erratic and wavy jet stream. Being on the high-pressure side of the jet stream, like California often is, results in drought.

Too often climate change gets lost in a charade of false equivalency where it's presented as an unsettled issue still up for debate. Meanwhile, NASA measures with great precision increasing global temperatures, rising sea levels, melting glaciers and diminishing mountain snow-pack. Also, the U.S. military and world governments, motivated by geopolitical interests, are readily game planning for a brave new world radically reshaped by climate change. But one would never learn about climate change's local implications from Fresno meteorologists or news media.

Chris Breedlove

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