Friday, December 5, 2014

Don Gaede 11-17-2014 - Carbon tax is needed

Carbon tax is needed

Although some environmentalists may disagree, the Keystone pipeline is fairly irrelevant in the bigger picture of climate change. That Canadian sand oil will get transported and sold one way or another. The critical step to protect our climate is to dramatically cut our oil consumption.

To do that, many prominent economists, including conservative ones like George Shultz and Greg Mankiw, advocate a carbon tax. The revenues from the tax could either go back to American households, or be used to decrease other taxes. Either way, a carbon tax would stimulate the development of alternative energy — like plug-in electric vehicles, solar farms and even nuclear power plants.

The other advantage of a carbon tax: The marketplace would determine whether building a pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast makes any sense —not politicians.

Don Gaede

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