Friday, December 5, 2014

Don Gaede 7-13-2014 - Don't exempt fossil fuels

Don't exempt fossil fuels

AB 32, California's landmark public health law to reduce greenhouse gases, is saving lives and money by reducing emissions from dirty fossil fuels that contribute to pollution-related asthma attacks, heart attacks, lung cancer, emergency room visits and even death. This law is critical to cleaning up the San Joaquin Valley's severe air pollution problem, caused primarily by transportation fuels.

So I was surprised to see Assembly Member Henry T. Perea leading an effort to exempt dirty fossil fuels from the cap-and-trade program.We Valley residents are already bearing a heavy health care and financial burden from breathing polluted air. That's why more than 30 major medical and health care organizations in California support AB 32 to save lives and reduce health care costs due to air pollution.

By avoiding their obligation under AB 32, the oil industry is promising to impose even more costs on families, with more air pollution and health care costs. It comes as no surprise that the oil industry is looking out for their bottom line -- and not for your health.

I urge Assembly Member Perea and Valley legislators to reconsider their positions.

Don Gaede Fresno

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