Friday, December 5, 2014

Loren Alving 10-3-2014 - Climate is 'urgent matter'

Climate is 'urgent matter'

Climate change is the defining issue of our time.

Twenty-three million people across the globe participated in the People's Climate March, including over 300,000 in New York City, showing that this is anything but a fringe issue. Pete Moe's Valley Voices on Sept. 24 laid to rest any lingering concerns that this is just a liberal issue -- the military and prominent Republicans agree this is an urgent matter of national and international security.

Many solutions have been proposed, though none with all the benefits of the revenue-neutral fee and dividend proposal by the Citizens' Climate Lobby. In case you think that this is a fringe or liberal solution, look no further than the oil companies -- ExxonMobil's website states that they "believe a well-designed, revenue-neutral carbon tax program provides a more cost-effective alternative to a cap-and-trade regime for reducing GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions" and "this approach ensures a uniform and predictable cost of carbon, lets market prices drive solutions ... promotes global participation, and is easily adjusted to future developments in climate science and policy impacts."

A solution supported by oil companies, environmentalists, Republicans and Democrats? This is a proposal well worth our consideration.

Loren Alving


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