Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Matt Armstrong 9-25-2015 Heed Pope's Advice on Climate Change.

Heed pope’s advice on climate change

As the Pope comes to visit the U.S. and we head toward the Paris Climate Summit later this year, it is worthwhile to reflect on a simple fact: people in positions of knowledge and authority, including the pope, have begun to take the science demonstrating human-caused climate change seriously. 

Although many political and media figures in the U.S. continue to claim that this is just foolishness on the part of tree huggers, and some even engage in conspiracy theories about scientists, the recent papal encyclical is only one of many documents from well-respected sources that urge us to take immediate action to avert climate change disaster.

These sources include the Department of Defense, NASA, manufacturing consortiums, insurance companies, and even Citibank. Many fossil-fuel companies are also aware of the problem and, looking to the future, have actually begun requesting carbon pricing. 

These military and business interests echo the pope in asking us all to take our heads out of the sand. As we in the Valley look at our depleting aquifers, ongoing drought and increasingly severe forest fires, it is time we heed this advice.

Matt Armstrong
September 25, 2015 

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